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Throughout my adult life, I’ve always been worried about others. Making sure everyone is taken care of, fed, happy, warm, comfortable, etc. About a year & a half ago- I became a believer in caring for myself!

It’s extremely hard at first, but crucial as you get into a career, a relationship, build friendships, keep a family close or anything else you do in your day to day life. You feel selfish. You have the habit of forgetting about yourself. But as of now I am the biggest believer in self care, self love & mental health days.

Since I’ve became a B.O.S.C (believer of self care, people love acronyms right?)- life has surprisingly become less stressful and my anxiety has lessened.

I feel more confident after taking time to myself, practicing habits that calm my soul or make it happy. I like to be challenged, be creative or sometimes just vibe out & shut my mind completely off. When you can just be with yourself, for even 20 minutes, it’s much easier to just be with life. This doesn’t mean you are settling, but it means that you are accepting the now. You are accepting where you are & what things are happening in that moment.

Somethings I do during my self care time:

  • Take a bath
  • Make coffee
  • Read (currently Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn)
  • Journal and/or draw
  • Stretch
  • Pinterest ( you can follow me here <—)
  • Put my phone in airplane mode
  • Declutter my room or closet
  • Indulge in a treat & watch an episode of something that makes me laugh
  • Playing music & actually listening to the lyrics
  • Use my favorite lotion
  • Give myself a mini facial and/or makeover.

The list above are simple things you may do day to day, but you may do it as part of your routine & not actually focus on the motions in the moment.

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(fav LUSH product- Rose Jam Shower Gel, I use it as a calm bubble bath, too!)

I believe it is important to do things you enjoy, leaving yourself with a better understanding of your soul & keeping your heart pure with moments that actually interest it & you.

Plus, we can all use an extra 20 minutes any time of day to unwind, right?

What are some ways you relax? 


simple layers.

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As cold weather approaches, along with everyone else in UT, I reach for layers. This simple post & simple layers were thrown together for a quick lunch date with Greg.

fullsizerender-6 mm pad thai.. 

I am always loving B.D.G Jeans from Urban & Zara is the perfect place to shop for baggy clothing for this perfect thrown together look.



‘Tied’ the entire look together with a chunky scarf that matched my bag.

What’s your fav winter layer staple?!

Deets: Boots: Steve Madden; Bag, Scarf: Forever 21; Black Jeans: Urban Outfitters; Coat, Light Gray Sweater: Zara

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As it heads into the end of the week, a lot of things have happened in the last 72 hours.

If there’s something that I have taught myself, by taking the time to find myself, it is to never settle. 

That’s why you take the steps to first start finding yourself & then open up to your surroundings & decide who & what you want in your life. Not settling has brought me the most prized things in my life- Greg, better relationships with a few family members, cutting ties with toxic family members ( it’s okay to do this ) & realizing when people don’t put time into you, they don’t want you around for the long haul.

A lot of people think it’s crazy how I bounce around, hey, I am anxious about it too. But being anxious over letting things go rather than being anxious while in moments of them is worth it to me.

Follow your gut, your intuition.

My solace has been the song below- I would love feedback in the comments on what you think of this song. Enjoy!

Have a favorite song you’d like to share? Leave the link in the comments. 



humble hellos


img_7472Hi, Samantha here (again)! 

Jumping on the crazy domain train. (CAN I GET A CHOO CHOOOO?!) I can’t believe I finally took the plunge and purchased my very own world wide web spot.face-screaming-in-fear

Welcome to OMGPALE.

You know, I am constantly jumping URL’s reading posts, scrolling through clothing items, making wishlists, typing in YouTube links to music I like (or am newly discovering) & I finally have just said ENOUGH- found the guts & courage to purchase a little piece for myself & share with you, reader, a little bit of my own on OMGPALE.

So here I am, sharing old things I love, hoping you’ll join me in new discoveries and/or creative paths. Finding new inspirations within the WWW but also outside my apartment door.  (probably posting a lot of food……..and how i like to eat it.)

Feel free to visit frequently, comment, like & indulge with me in thy crazy omgpale life.